Holistic Nutrition Seminar

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Photo: Michelle Grambeau

As we move deeper into the core of summer, we often reflect on the past and are asked to shed light on the dormant spaces within. This is a crucial time for transition, a natural occurrence in life, and we might find ourselves feeling the need to enlighten these spaces within us with change. Change is a scary word, but transitions in life are vital and will happen especially if they are needed dramatically.

It is easy to get comfortable with a relative ritual that we practice everyday that is so important to our health yet we don’t always realize it, such as the simple yet complex act of eating foods. It is amazing how much easier these natural transitions in life can become when we eat properly.

Have you felt sluggish? Felt that something is out of balance, but you just cant put your finger on it? Confused about where to look for answers in terms of your health and energy? Feeling like you need a conscious change?

I am a recent graduate of Bauman College; I’ve obtained my Holistic Nutrition Consultant Certificate and have plans to help people answer these questions. This July, I will be teaching a Holistic Nutrition Seminar containing four FREE classes surrounding nutrition, how to bring mindfulness from the mat to the table with four subjects of topic:

  • The difference between healthy eating and eating for YOUR health
  • How to obtain optimal energy and feel great
  • Reduce inflammation with Allergy free eating
  • Sustainable nutrition: a healthy planet is a healthy you

We will begin with a short orientation, pranayama, some yoga asana and then the discussion topic. There will be a snack provided based on the topic for that day and there will be handouts to be completed for the purpose of reflection and so that I can get to know you on a personal, individual level. Come to one or two, if you cant make all, but the seminar I guarantee will benefit those who commit to all four classes. There will be weekly “Challenges” and we will discuss successes and difficulties surrounding these challenges.

Delaney Photo Set-4-June 09, 2015

Photo: Michelle Grambeau

One participant will have the opportunity to work with me one-on-one, and all participants will receive my contact information for future consultation opportunity.

What can you expect to receive from this seminar?

  • An enlightened reflection on our response to foods.
  • How mindfulness in our yoga practice reflects mindfulness when fulfilling our health through nutrition.
  • How to reduce the physical and mental stress of what to eat, why to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.
  • What are SOUL foods, and why they benefit the earth and in turn, us.
  • Learn how to commit to health and release years of pain, suffering and regret.

I hope to see you this July. Please sign up ahead of time!