Journey to the Center of an Avocado: Why to Save that Seed!


Written by Kayla Copeland

How much do you love avocados? Well, this amazing little fruit just got about 10 times better. Before you throw away the seed of the next avocado you slice open for your midday snack… Did you know that the seed of the avocado is one of the most nutritious and often thrown out parts of this superfood? But how on earth, you ask, do you get to this nutrient packed center without completely sacrificing that glorious new blender. We’ll get to that I promise….but first this might amaze you:

Avocados themselves boast some pretty amazing superfood capabilities for our health. The seed however, may surprise you.

Over 70% of the total antioxidant capacity of avocados is found within the seed.

Pennsylvania State University recently launched a study on the benefits of avocado seeds and found the phonetic antioxidant compounds in the seeds may lower high cholesterol, high blood pressure, reduce inflammatory conditions, diabetes, and boost your immunity. The seeds even have insecticidal, fungicidal, and anti-microbial properties.

Avocado Seeds:

Reduce Inflammation and Ease Joint Pain

Optimal for Digestive Health – Avocado seeds have been used for ages in South America to treat GI tract issues. Studies show that one avocado seeds contains more fiber per ounce than almost any other food on our planet – assisting in weight loss and boosting digestive health.

Destroys Cancer Cells – the University of Antioquia, in Medellin, Columbia found that extract of avocado seed (Haas variety) had a pro-apoptotic effect on leukemia cells. The extract caused cells to self destruct and left the normal cells healthy and stable. Avocado seeds contain flavonol, a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent or reduce tumor growth.

Banish Cravings and Shed Fat – avocado seeds are packed with fiber which helps us feel fuller sooner and for longer amounts of time. These seeds also help to control blood sugar levels which can help you feel steady throughout the day without crashing from junk food snacks.

Radiant Glowing Skin – Avocados and their seeds work wonders for hair, skin, and nails. Their potent antioxidants actually rebuild collagen, repair cell damage, caused by free radicals, and actually improve the look and feel of your skin – making hair shinier and skin softer.

That, to me, is reason enough!

How to get to the Seed:

It is actually much easier than you would think. After you remove the seed from your lovely avocado, let the seed dry on the counter for 1-3 days (depending on climate), it will then begin to crack. When the seed is just dry enough, cut it in half along the crack using a sharp knife (be careful!) then cut each piece in half again so that your blender will have a much easier time. Avocado seeds are a really yummy addition to any smoothie and adds a nice creamy texture. Here is a recipe for you to play with! Have fun!


Summer Morning Avocado Seed Smoothie:

•1/2 banana

•1 avocado seed

•1/2 cup mixed berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries – always use what is in season when you can!)

•1/4 mango

•4 kale leaves

•mix with coconut milk and a little water

•top off with shelled hemp seeds for an added bonus!


Daily Super Food Love: A Superfood Locked within a Seed

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